Keeping your loved ones safe and well cared for.
caregiver and elder woman doing grocery shopping

Have you noticed new dings and dents on your elderly parent’s car? Those damages may be a sign that driving is becoming an issue to them due to confusion, vision problems, and/or delayed reaction times.

To keep your loved ones safe, Care Art Homecare offers errands services and transportation assistance. Your aging parent may feel reluctant to give up driving fearing that they will no longer be able to complete their errands. Our caregivers can assure them they can still run errands, visit with family and friends, and go to a doctor’s appointment—all without getting behind the wheel! Or, we can even take care of any necessary errands ourselves if your loved one would prefer to stay home.

Our services include:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Organizing and delivering mail
  • Taking the car in for an oil change and maintenance
  • General transportation assistance
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments, family gatherings, religious ceremonies, recreational activities, etc.
  • And more


Our caregivers can meet with you and your loved ones to determine errands and transportation schedule that meets your specific needs. To make arrangements, call 949-685-2554 or Set an Assessment today.