Keeping your loved ones active, mobile, and safe.
elder lady on a high-tech mobility assisting platform

Oftentimes, illness, advanced age, and injuries hinder the mobility of seniors. To help ensure that your loved one remains active, mobile, and safe, Care Art Homecare is here to help.

Many seniors with injuries or illnesses may be reluctant to move around their home for fear of falls, but our caregivers can alleviate that fear by providing comprehensive mobility assistance. Through our mobility services, we assist seniors with a range of physical activities so that they can move about their home, both indoors and outdoors.

Our mobility services include:

  • Assistance with bed transfers
  • Assistance with getting up-and-down the stairs
  • Assistance with wheelchair-to-bed and vice versa transfers
  • Walking assistance
  • Car transfer assistance
  • Positioning assistance
  • Assistance with walks around the neighborhood
  • And more

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Set an Assessment today and let us help you with all of your mobility concerns. We are here to help you move about comfortably in your home, with the peace of mind knowing that someone is available to support you when needed.

For other concerns, get in touch with us at 949-685-2554.