Fulfilling Activities Seniors Can Do at Home

With over 5 million cases in the U.S. at the time of writing, COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease caused by the coronavirus.

Considering older adults above the age of 65 are most at risk for severe illness, it’s vital to stay at home and practice infection control measures to protect their health.

As senior care providers in California, we will share fun, fulfilling activities older adults can perform at home without risking their health:

  • Communicate with loved ones.Seniors can be taught to use laptops, smartphones, and similar devices to keep in touch with their close friends and family members. Through video conferences or instant messaging, they avoid social isolation and gain access to their support system.
  • Engage in artistic pursuits.Older adults who love to paint, knit, or draw can engage in artistic pursuits at home. They can pull up a chair by the window and start sketching or nestle in a comfortable chair and start knitting the day away. Arts and crafts can be a fun, fulfilling activity that provides therapeutic value.
  • Play board games or puzzles.Seniors receiving support from a provider of home care in Lake Forest, California can play board games, puzzles, card games, and similar activities. In addition to providing assistance with daily living activities, live-in caregivers can engage in lively conversation while playing games.

Care Art Homecare is a dependable provider of non medical senior home care services. From personal care to mobility assistance, get in touch with us to learn more about our services and how they can be of assistance to you.

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