How Dangerous Your Home Can Be


Families (especially kids and seniors) should live in safe, healthy, and sustainable homes. However, many people don’t notice the risks inside their households. And these hazards increase the risk of illnesses and injuries, including falls, respiratory problems, electrocution, and poisoning. Luckily, some of these can be preventable through assisted living.

How dangerous could a home be? Check if the hazards below are present in your abode:

  • Fall risk factors

    Broken, uneven, or wet floors; slippery stairs; rugs outside the bathroom; and clutter can cause falling and slipping incidents. Independent living won’t be ideal with these risks at home.

  • Mold infestation

    Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and roofs can be breeding grounds for molds and mildew. Consider searching for the areas with molds to eliminate them.

  • Exposure to pollution and irritants

    Cigarettes, cigars, other tobacco products, insect sprays, disinfectants, cleaning agents, detergents, animal dander, dust particles, and car emissions are only a few of the possible causes of illnesses among seniors. They must avoid exposure to these pollutants to prevent lung, skin, and other health problems. Providers of home care in Orange County, California can help you with housekeeping since they can introduce preventive ways.

  • Pest infestation

    Pests may lurk everywhere. Cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, and other insects or small animals can breed inside your home, causing infections and diseases.

Do not wait for the consequences of these hazards. You must act now and promote cleanliness and healthy living to benefit your senior loved ones and the whole family. Let a certified caregiver from Care Art Homecare be your partner in keeping your seniors safe from risks.

To hire a certified home health aide, call us at 949-685-2554.

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