The Dangers of Believing Myths About Dementia

If you have a senior loved one with Dementia, chances are, you may also have heard of several misconceptions of this group of symptoms or even held some of them before. Needless to say, having these misconceptions is harmful.

As a provider of home care in Mission Lake Forest, California ourselves at Care Art Homecare, we personally see the effects of having them every day. Unfortunately, most do not see the urgency of dispelling these myths since these can all be corrected in time.

However, holding on to these misconceptions heightens the fear and stigma surrounding the condition. And the longer these stay up, the more individuals with suspected Dementia suffer. Here are the dangers of not immediately dispelling these myths:

  • It discourages those who are suspected of having them from getting tested and properly addressed.
  • It causes harmful and dishonest ‘treatments’ to continue and proliferate when there is actually no need. As of now, interventions such as non medical senior home care services as well as other management measures, along with the support of the family, remain the most effective.
  • It undermines the efforts of senior care providers in California like us and the whole healthcare community, the family and loved ones of patients who have Dementia, and of patients themselves in fighting off harmful labels and stigma.

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