The Mental Health of the Elderly at Care Facilities

The Covid-19 pandemic takes a toll on the people’s mental health as much as it affects the body. And it’s easy to feel anxious and confused, especially for seniors at elderly care facilities. Whether they’re staying at your house or a facility for home care in Lake Forest, California, help them uphold their mental health. Add these activities to their daily routine:

  • Meditation with Music or Scents.
    Meditation helps the elderly become more self-aware, especially of their feelings. As they learn to relax and notice their emotions, they’ll also gain better control over their anxieties. Spiritual, mantra, mindfulness, and movement meditation are some techniques the elderly could use to get started. They could also light up scented candles or play soothing music to aid their meditation.
  • Community Activities.
    Senior care providers in California usually include community activities for the elderly in their care. Regular dinners, holiday celebrations, and parties can help the elderly take their mind away from the growing number of Covid-19 cases. These activities could help them focus on making positive memories with their peers at the facility.
  • Hobbies and Pets.
    Lastly, encourage your elderly loved ones to have hobbies. Learning a language or musical instrument is an awesome way to boost mental health. They could also create arts and crafts to show their creativity. Or better yet, seniors could have a pet to accompany them throughout the day.

Seniors are more prone to developing mental health issues compared with the young ones, especially with their chronic conditions and the negative news about Covid-19. But by including these activities in their daily routine, you can help them cope. If you need professional support for your elderly loved ones, contact the expert providers of non medical senior home care services from Care Art Homecare.

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