What Not to Say to Someone with Dementia

If a poor choice of words and language can be hurtful and frustrating to a healthy person, what more would it be for seniors who are living with dementia? Communication with them will also become difficult over time. That’s why senior care providers in California take extra precautions in finding the right words when speaking with them.

Here, we’ll take a look at some words and questions to avoid when talking to somebody with dementia.

  • “Remember when…?”As much as possible, avoid asking questions trying to jog the memories of someone with dementia as it can be a painful experience for them. Instead of posing it as a question, try leading with “I remember when…” to invite them to try to remember the memory and not feel embarrassed if they’re having a hard time.
  • “I’ve just told you that”As you spend more time with someone with dementia, you’ll notice that they will ask the same questions several times. This repetition can be frustrating and telling them “I just told you that” will remind them of their condition. Try to be polite and patient with them.
  • “Let’s take a walk outside after our cup of tea and maybe grab lunch at your favorite café that you love near the park”Providers of home care in Mission Lake Forest, California typically avoid long, complex sentences as they may find it difficult to grasp. Instead, try using short and simple sentences and avoid talking in a loud environment.

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