Connecting with a Loved One with Dementia

Dementia gradually diminishes a person’s ability to communicate. Hence, many families turn to senior care providers in Orange County, California. When it comes to communication, engaging your loved one with dementia in conversation requires understanding, patience, and good listening skills. Here, we share tips for connecting with a loved one diagnosed with dementia:

  • Capture the person’s attention.

    Before speaking, limit distractions and noise. This may entail turning off the television or moving to a quieter room at home. Make sure you have your loved one’s attention by addressing them by name and identifying yourself by name and relation. A certified caregiver can facilitate the conversation to encourage a response.

  • State your message clearly.

    Use simple sentences and words and use a reassuring tone. If your loved one has difficulty understanding you the first time, try to rephrase your message. You may also want to consider arranging memory care to meet your loved one’s daily needs.

  • Break down tasks into smaller steps.

    In addition to having a certified nursing assistant in California, break down tasks into smaller steps to make them more manageable. Communicate smaller steps and provide gentle reminders to make it easier for your loved one to perform tasks like maintaining personal hygiene or getting dressed.

  • Respond with reassurance and affection.

    Your loved one may feel confused and anxious, especially if they cannot recall people, names, and events right. Avoid trying to convince them they are wrong and instead focus on the feelings they are demonstrating and respond with affection, comfort, support, and reassurance.

We at Care Art Homecare are equipped with the tools and knowledge to help navigate the challenges associated with dementia. Arrange the best care for your loved one — reach out to us.


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