Exercising for Seniors: Tips to Keep Them Motivated

The natural process of aging can cause older adults to lose muscle strength, energy, and motivation to stay physically active. However, an active lifestyle helps seniors stay in shape and boosts mental health. As a trusted provider of home care in Orange County, California, we will share tips on how to keep your senior loved one motivated to exercise:

  • Perform exercises at a slow pace.

    Aging puts a strain on the body and may cause it to become less responsive. This can cause seniors to become hesitant to exercise or join fitness groups due to the inability to keep up with others. To encourage your loved one, perform exercises at a slower pace and gradually increase the intensity and frequency as they regain strength.

  • Find ways to make exercise fun.

    Exercise is vital to promote independent living in aging adults. To encourage your loved one to exercise, keep exercising fun and engaging. In doing so, it becomes a habit rather than an obligation. You can set up exercises at home, go for a walk in the park, or join fitness groups to help seniors become more enthusiastic about exercise.

  • Get an exercise buddy.

    An exercise buddy can be a certified home health aide, neighbor, or family member who can keep seniors motivated and inspired. This adds a social element to the exercise that makes it engaging. Having a partner to exercise with will keep seniors focused as they receive words of encouragement.

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