Identifying the Early Warning Signs of Dementia


Dementia is a general term describing several diseases that are characterized by problems with memory, language, and thinking. Over time, dementia symptoms worsen and interfere with daily life, making it difficult to connect with your loved one. The early signs of dementia may not be immediately noticed. Here, we shed a light on the early warning signs of dementia:

  • Increasing memory loss.

    While it’s normal to occasionally forget events and appointments and remember them later, a person with dementia may forget these details more often or not remember them at all. This may be a sign they require memory care as early as possible.

  • Difficulty with routine tasks.

    Seniors may get distracted and forget to serve part of a meal. By contrast, a person with dementia will have trouble with all the steps involved in preparing a meal and will require a certified caregiver to look after their needs.

  • Confusion and disorientation.

    A person with dementia may lose track of dates and even the passage of time. They may not understand something if it’s not happening immediately and forget where they are or how they got there. Senior care providers in Orange County, California can prevent wandering to ensure safety.

  • Changes in abstract thinking.

    A loved one with dementia may find it difficult to manage their finances and may have trouble what the numbers mean. They may also exhibit poor judgment and have difficulty making appropriate decisions like knowing what to wear in cold weather.

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