Common Causes of Medication Mistakes


Medication mistakes among seniors are a significant concern, especially since there are high rates of incidence incurred every year. While some mistakes do not have grave consequences, this is unfortunately not the same for others. That said, we at Care Art Homecare, a tried-and-true home care in Orange County, California, have set out to make strides towards reducing the numbers.

To steer your elderly loved ones clear of these risks, allow us, assisted living experts, to fill you in on the common causes of medication errors and the strategies you can employ in response. These are the following:

  • Multiple Medications

    Polypharmacy, the use of multiple medications, is frequent among seniors. It often results in confusion especially when prescribed by different healthcare providers. It’s essential to keep an updated list of your elderly loved one’s medications, including dosage and frequency, to address this issue. Hiring a certified caregiver is the way to go if you require assistance.

  • Complicated Medication Regimens

    Complex dosing schedules can pose a challenge for seniors. Consider involving pharmacists or primary care providers to simplify medication routines to make things easier. Additionally, using tools like pill organizers can help ensure they take their medications at the right time and doses.

  • Memory Challenges

    Seniors often experience changes in their memory, leading to forgetting doses or accidentally doubling up. Because we find value in ascertaining high-quality, one-on-one care, our home care staff can contribute significantly to helping you and your loved one overcome challenges in this area.

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