Senior Health: Simple Exercises Older Adults Can Do at Home

Physical activity has countless benefits for people of all ages. However, with aging comes many obstacles that prevent us from exercising and staying in shape. As a provider of home care in Lake Forest, California, we will share a few simple exercises that older adults can do at home:

  • Dancing
    Dancing is an enjoyable activity that promotes cardiovascular health and improves senior’s balance and gait. This is a fun activity that seniors can do alone or with their caregiver and other adults their age, providing opportunities to socialize.
  • Water aerobics
    If a pool is accessible nearby, seniors can engage in water aerobics to burn off calories and improve their heart health. Water aerobics also help maintain their blood pressure levels, enhance joint movement, and build their endurance over time. This is a low-impact activity that puts less strain on the joints, which is ideal for seniors with conditions like arthritis.
  • Household chores at home
    Performing household chores at home is another way to get some exercise. Senior care providers in California can assist with housekeeping to ensure safety. Activities like gardening can be relaxing and provide the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Mind-body exercises
    Mind-body exercises like tai chi and yoga are great alternatives to exercise. They not only help enhance balance, coordination, and strength, but they also help reduce stress. Seated yoga is a popular option for seniors to improve circulation.

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